English Crele Orpingtons Hatching Eggs one dozen


Booking orders for  Spring 2024

Each dozen includes two extra eggs for a total of 14, shipping pointed end down in egg shipping foam for safe delivery.


English Crele Opingtons are beautiful birds with robust feathering and unique coloring. Orpingtons originated in the 1850s by poultry breeder William Cook. He was a leader in the poultry world at that time, he owned a store and sold poultry products and he wrote two books on keeping poultry, “The Poultry Journal” and “The Poultry Keeper’s Account Book. In addition, he held public forums and spoke on chickens to share his knowledge about poultry. The breed’s name came from the village that Cook lived in, known as Orpington, in Kent, England. Cook bred the first black orpington as a new breed and introduced them in 1886 at Chrystal Palace Poultry show, a very prominent poultry show in the 1800s.