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Minimum quantity of 10 for shipping, (quantity of 10 can be any combination of breeds as long as order total is 10 or more chicks), no minimum for pick up at farm.

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Patridge Wyandotte, Class American Breed, is one of our favorites, they are a beautifully colored robust bird.  Partridge Wyandottes were admitted to the American Poultry Standard in 1901. The origination of the breed came in the early 1900s, the color pattern came from the partridge cochin. Their were two strains one in the East and one in the West that came about at around the same time, these two strains created each had little different breeding lines.

Wyandottes are considered a dual purpose bird for production of meat and eggs. Our robust birds will weigh 6 to 8 pounds. Their temperaments are very mellow and easy going, they fit in well with other breeds in a flock.Winter hardy with their dense feathering keeping them warm and with their short rose combs, they are pretty resistant to frostbite.

Chicks are shipped straight run, day old, minimum order is 10 for shipping, this can be any quantity of breeds as long as the total of 10 is met. Pick up at farm can be any quantity no minimum. Chicks are shipped USPS Priority Shipping (1-2 day ship time) is $65 for a box with quantity of 10 to 22 chicks total. Chicks are shipped with grogel, which are little beads of water and nutrients for extra nourishment, they ship insured and their shipping box will include a heat pack for extra warmth, unless outside weather temperatures are hot.

















For Pick-Up at Farm email to make arrangements and have shipping waived. All orders need to be placed in advance of hatching, we do not stock extra chicks on the premises.

After order placement information: Chicks Orders are planned to start shipping in April, you will be notified 3 weeks before your order is shipped and tracking will be sent day of shipment. We ship chicks on Mondays and Tuesdays.  

Chicks are held for pick-up at your Post Office, once you receive a call from your Post Office it is very important that they are picked up immediately, leaving them set hours at a Post Office can be detrimental to their health, they will needing food, water, and warmth, once they are picked up.

Important Shipping Information

We are shipping only to the Continental USA, sorry we are not shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Internationally.

We are not a commercial hatchery we are a small flock farm and ship by order queue

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*Grogel is tiny beads of water filled with nutrients.

NPIP & Avian Influenza Free