How Sweet it is Barn Lime for Your Coop

How Sweet it is Barn Lime for Your Coop

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Consider Barn Lime for your Coop

Have you considered using barn lime in your coops? Also known as agricultural lime, ag lime, dairy lime. Barn lime is a phenomenal product that can be assist in lice and mite prevention in the coop. The way it works is, it creates a PH level and a dryer environment that makes it harder for lice and mites to survive, plus it is antibacterial, that will help keep bad bacteria at bay. Not only does it help keep your coop floor dryer, it also has potential to keep ammonia levels down too, keeping your poultry’s respiratory systems and immune systems healthier.

What is Barn Lime

What is barn lime it is a natural mineral known as calcium carbonate, crushed up to a coarse powder. It is safe for you to handle and safe for your farm animals, including poultry. It is very inexpensive selling for around $4 -$5 for fifty pounds, it can be purchased at most farm stores. Just be sure to buy sweet barn lime, not hydrated lime, “burn lime” with is caustic to people and animals if handled or inhaled.  

To use you simply apply to your coop floor after removing the soiled bedding. When I use it, I toss the barn lime on the floors, roosts and in nest boxes, any place mites or lice might be harboring.  I like using barn lime because, it will turn a wet smelly floor into a dry clean smelling floor, then I top the lime with a wood chips bedding. It also works well in cat litter box to remove the ammonia smell.  

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It Many Uses in the Garden too!

It is naturally organic and has a wonderful place in the garden too. It does many things to help your garden by increasing water and nutrient absorption, it supports good bacteria and beneficial microbes of plants. It has also been used to repel garden pests as a vegetable bug dust applied topically or by mixing with water and spraying on tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers and other garden vegetables, to deter aphids, potato beetles, squash bugs and cucumber bugs.

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I add a couple tablespoons in the hole when I plant a tomato and pepper plants, it neutralizes the soil and gives plants a nice growing boost. My dad in his 90s, speaks often of how they used garden lime in place of garden chemicals generations ago, when, chemicals were not available, it had a common place in the garden. I love the stuff because it has so many beneficial uses in my coops and garden, plus it is so inexpensive.