Oregano Essential Oil Benefits Poultry

Oregano Essential Oil Benefits Poultry

Increase Egg Production & Prevent Coccidiosis

with Oregano

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The results are in Oregano is the new super food for your poultry. Oregano essential oils have demonstrated to assist in maintaining a healthy appetite, support stronger immune system, increase egg production, deter worms, and decrease mortality rate of chicks to coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis. In addition, oregano is appropriate for organic production, with no immunity resistance, unlike coccidiostats and antibiotics, which is a growing challenge for the poultry industry. In addition, oregano essential oil has natural antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial benefits.

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Here is the Proof

A European egg producer conducted a study with egg production. They administered essential oil oregano to 64,000 laying hens age 21-76 weeks, results showed an increase of 22 eggs per hen for the time period of the test. In addition, there was improvement in the quality of the eggs with less blood spots, better weight, and less dirty eggs.

Another study conducted at North Carolina State University analyzing the affects of oregano on parasites. The results showed hens fed oregano essential oil had a lower round worm count and risk of tapeworm infection was reduced by over 50%.

Research conducted by Anpario noted Orego-Stem was effective in halting gastrointestinal diseases, coccidiosis, and necrotic enteritis, contributing to higher yields of profit and return on investment.

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Products with Oregano

With proven all the proven benefits of oregano, it is no wonder that oregano essential oils, are becoming common place in poultry products. Currently there are many poultry food products in the marketplace that contain oregano essential oils; Naturewise All Flock”, “Naturewise Layer Feed”, Naturewise “Feather Fixer”, Anpario “Orego-stim”,”Duravet Durastat”, “RopaPoultry “Complete Oregano Supplement”, and more.

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Our Experience at TarBox Hollow Poultry

At TarBox we used oregano essential oil, spring 2021 for all of our chicks. We started our day-old chicks with a product called Ampario Orego-Stim an oregano essential oil-based product. We continued feeding it until about 10 weeks old. We saw significantly reduced loss of chicks and better recovery from coccidiosis and other illness. One of the nice things about the product it was very easy to feed with little waste, we administered in water, and a little bit goes a long way.  

How Oregano Works

Orego-Stim increases the “rate of shedding of the gut lining” causing the coccoidal sporozoites to be shed before they can penetrate deeper into the intestine wall interrupting their life cycle to create more oocysts, thus stopping coccidiosis from advancing. In addition, the study by Anpario confirmed all species of Eimeria are continually shed and eliminated from the intestines to efficiently prevent coccidiosis. While cocci build resistance to antibiotics and coccidiostats, this does not happen with Orgeo-Stim, nor is there any indication of bacterial resistance. In addition, with the use of Orego-Stim, it was noted chicks increased weight gains in contrast to diets using coccidiostats. Oregano is appropriate for organic production, studies show there is no residue in eggs or meats.

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In Conclusion

All very interesting stuff, the use of oregano essential oil has proven to reduce disease, decrease parasites, increase egg production and quality. It increases appetite with improved weight gain and it is appropriate for organic production. With oregano, parasites and bacteria cannot develop immunity to them, unlike antibiotics and coccidiostats. Feeding poultry oregano essential oil will improve poultry health, increase egg production, and ultimately save flock owners money. We will continue to feed our flock oregano essential and reap the benefits.


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