Hatching Eggs

Large Fowl Breeds Hatching Price Per Dozen plus 2 Extra, Includes USPS Priority shipping.    Accepting Orders for Spring 2022, will start shipping end of February. 

Ameraucanas large fowl

Ameraucana Black $60
Ameraucana Blue $60
Ameraucana White $65
Ameraucana Self Blue $65


English Black Mottled Orpington $65
English Crele Orpingtons $75

Other Breeds

Blue Birchen Marans hatching mostly blue, with occasional black & splash $55   Greenfire Bloodlines
Russia Orloff $60
Cream LegBar $75   Imported Bloodlines and Jill Reese
Blue Laced Red Wyandottes $60

Bantam Breeds Hatching Eggs

d”Uccles Mille fleu  $55
d”Uccles Porcelain  $65
Bearded Belgian Quail d’Anvers $60
Black Ameraucana $60
Salmon Favorelles $70

Price is per dozen includes USPS Priority Shipping.

Eggs are shipped 1-3 days old, including 2 extra eggs for a total of 14, they are shipped in egg shipping foam pointed end down and packed with bubble wrap for safe delivery, $50 insurance.

For Pick-up at farm deduct $20 from listed price and the two extra for breakage would not be included. Email for pick up availability

First orders received will be the first ones shipped, with some breeds there may be a wait list

Email   admin@tarboxpoultry.com to book order