About TarBox Hollow Poultry

About TarBox Hollow Poultry

TarBox Hollow is a little place in North East Nebraska where our story begins. Our family history, raising poultry goes back 5 generations. From my German immigrant great grandparents homesteading here, raising all types of poultry to my grandparents growing chickens for eggs. I remember my grandmother had two hen houses full of leghorn, I would help her  gather eggs for market. Poultry has always been a part of my family. Years back in my hometown, three chicken hatcheries thrived, one of the them, Gurney Hatchery, a division of Gurney Seed & Nursery, is where my mother worked. She processed orders to ship chicks all over the United States. While my father managed the huge incubators at the Gurney Hatchery, that hatched thousands of chicks, from eggs that were purchased at local farms. My mother would bring home chicks every spring. Her favorites were white rock and Rhode Island reds, we would raise them, and sell their eggs at a local market.

Today my family 5th generation, grow twelve breeds of poultry. We offer chicks, eggs, and adult birds for 4H, poultry enthusiast, backyards and small acreages. chickens are easy to own and take care of, owning poultry is on the rise and more and more people are inviting chickens back into their lives. Chickens make great pets, make wonderful 4H projects, and lay plenty of fresh eggs.

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