Best Way to Water Chickens

Best Way to Water Chickens
Simple to set up a clean water system for your chickens

If you own chickens, you know how messy their water pans can get. They can take perfectly fresh water and turn it in to a pooy bacteria nightmare in a matter of minutes. Most of the traditional water pan system allow for chickens to drop feces in the water and they need to be cleaned daily. They aren’t ducks but they sure seem to act like it sometimes. By the way this system can work well for ducks too. I have tried many different water fountains and pans and it seems whatever I have used I have always had to clean them out daily, but not with these large cups.  

Point drill bits seem to work the best.

Once I have my waterer pail put together, I will construct a wood stand to set the pail on, getting it up off the coop floor level. You can use whatever you like to set the pail on, I will build a stand. For my stand, I will take four 18″ long pieces of 2×6″ and use a 5/8″ thick 14″x14″ piece of plywood to place on top of my 2×6 pieces basically making a box without a bottom, using screws to assemble. Next, I take 2 pieces of 4-inch long 2×4″ screwing one down on each side of where the water pail will sit, this prevents chickens from tipping the water cup to the side, causing the water to spill out, which occasionally can happen unless you have something in place to keep it from tipping. You can also place a small landscaping brick on each side too.

I like these waterers because:

*These chicken waterer cups are very economical $4 each

*Convenance is huge, I can fill up the pail with water and my chickens will have fresh water for several days, and I will not have to worry about cleaning their water pans daily. As a bonus I can also add vitamins and probiotics to the pail to boost their health.

*Clean healthy water!

Items Needed

5 gallon pail with lid

3/8″ point drill bit

Chicken waterer cup with wingnut and rubber washer

Some sort of stand to sit the pail on to elevate 8-10″ off floor of coop


Black Marker