Heritage and Rare Poultry

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Birchen Cochin Bantam

Birchen Cochin Bantam

Birchen Bantam Cochins are bantam cochins that are winter hardy and very fun to own. They are adorable with all the feathering, they are like basketball sized fluff balls with feathers from head to tow. Our birds have exceptionally good feathering.

Salmon Faverolles

Salmon Faverolles

Salmon Faverolles Chickens were originated France for eggs and meat. Faverolles lay a slightly tinted egg and are great layers through the winter. Faverolles are very gentle and docile. They make great pets for children they can be affectionate and like people. We are breeding […]

Poultry Breeds Chicks For Sale Spring 2019

Taking orders for chicks Spring 2019

Standards: Salmon Faverolles, Ameraucanas, Russian Orloffs, Blue Splashed and Lavender Opringtons, Columbian Wyandottes, and Blue Laced Red Wyandottes.
Bantams: D’uccles including Mille, Porcelain, Gold Neck, and Mottled, White-capped Blue and Black Polish, and Belgian D’anver,

Our winter chicken house.


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