Black Ameraucana Rooster “King”

We have beautiful robust Ameraucanas. Our Ameraucanas are the “true Ameraucanas”, they lay wonderful blue eggs, unlike Easter Eggers which lay a greenish color of egg. We have black roosters over black, blue, and splash hens to ensure a variety of color of chicks. Ameraucanas are good egg layers, winter hardy, and they get along good with other breeds of chickens. Our flock of Ameraucanas NPIP certified and Avian Influenza AI Clean. For more information on purchasing chicks or fertilized hatching eggs please contact us. scroll down

Black, Blue, and Splash Ameraucana Chicks
A Blue Ameraucana Pullet
Blue Ameraucana Rooster
Ameraucana Blue Eggs

For more information on purchasing chicks or fertilized hatching eggs please contact us.

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