Order Chicks and Fertilized Hatching Eggs

Order Chicks and Fertilized Hatching Eggs

Taking orders for chicks and hatching eggs March thru June 2019

Standards: Salmon Faverolles, Ameraucanas, Russian Orloffs, Blue Splashed and Lavender Opringtons, Columbian Wyandottes, and Blue Laced Red Wyandottes.
Bantams: D’uccles including Mille, Porcelain, and Gold Neck colors, and Belgian Quail d’Anver.

Our winter chicken house.

2 thoughts on “Order Chicks and Fertilized Hatching Eggs”

  • I am looking to purchase hatching eggs for Ameraucna and D’uccle in the coming spring. How much do you charge for a doz eggs shipped to 27350?
    I am interested in BBS Ameraucana and Mille and/or Porcelain D’uccle

  • Hi Ivy,
    I apologize for my late reply, your email was mixed in my junk, and I just found it. Yes, we will have Ameraucana and d’uccle hatching eggs. I am really excited, I just got 4 new roosters, they are show stock, two of three black ones just came back from 2018 nationals and one is lavender. We will sell hatching eggs $20 for a dozen, plus $15 for shipping. We ship two extra eggs so you actually get 14 eggs. We pack them well and have over 100 positive reviews on eBay. I will soon be posting photos of our new roosters.

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