English Blue Black & Splash Orpington Chicks


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Orpingtons originated in the 1850s by poultry breeder William Cook. He was a leader in the poultry world at that time, he owned a store and sold poultry products and he wrote two books on keeping poultry, “The Poultry Journal” and “The Poultry Keeper’s Account Book. In addition, he held public forums and spoke on chickens to share his knowledge about poultry. The breed’s name came from the village that Cook lived in, known as Orpington, in Kent, England. Cook bred the first black orpington as a new breed and introduced them in 1886 at Chrystal Palace Poultry show, a very prominent poultry show in the 1800s.

Our English BBS Orpingtons are beautiful robust birds, yet so calm and gentle, rarely fuss when picked or moved. Our breeding pen is a pen that will hatch blue, black and splash colors. There will likely be more blue and spalsh chicks vs black chicks. We have no control over the quantity of a specific color that will hatch and will ship accordingly.

Chicks are shipped straight run, day old, minimum order for shipping is quantity of 10.  USPS Priority Express shipping (1-2 day ship time) includes insurance, grogel* and heat pack is $65.00

For Pick-Up at Farm email admin@tarboxhollowpoultry.com 

Shipping Box holds up to 20 large fowl or 25 bantam chicks. You can mix and match breeds as long as you have a minimum of 10 chicks for shipping, and there is no minimum for pick up at farm, please email for these requests.

After order placement information: Orders are planned to start shipping in March, you will be notified 2-3 weeks before your order is shipped. We ship chicks on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Important Shipping Information

We are shipping only to the Continental USA, sorry we are not shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Internationally.

We are not a commercial hatchery we are a small flock farm and ship by order queue

Still have questions, no worry send us an email.

email admin@tarboxhollowpoultry.com

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TarBox Hollow Poultry

NPIP & Avian Influenza Free

*Grogel is tiny beads of water filled with nutrients.


Placed first at Nebraska Poultry Association Show Nov 2022