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California Issues Quarantine Due to Newcastle Disease

California Issues Quarantine Due to Newcastle Disease

  Due to Virulent Newcastle Disease, the state of California has issued a quarantine and will no longer allow shipments of live poultry, hatching eggs or embryonated eggs in or out of these zip codes 90000-93599. These zip codes include areas of San Diego, Los Angeles, […]

300 Cases of Newcastle Disease In California

300 Cases of Newcastle Disease In California

300 Cases of Newcastle Disease In California Poultry World reports January 21, 2019, that there have been 300 cases confirmed of the deadly Newcastle Disease in California since May 2018. Utah has recently first confirmed its first case of Newcastle disease, which is believed to […]

American Poultry Asociation

American Poultry Asociation

Standard Black Ameraucana added to APA in 1984


Gold Sebright a true bantam, accepted in APA in 1874

American Poultry Association originated back in 1873 and is one of the oldest livestock organizations in the United States today. They have established breed guidelines, that are used by poultry judges across the United States.

Their Motto “to promote and protect the standard breed poultry industry in all phases” They are responsible for publishing “The American Standard of Perfection, which has the breed and variety descriptions for recognized purebred fowl.”

*Membership includes a quarterly newsletter sent to all members

*APA members can show their poultry at APA shows and gain points to achieve Master Exhibitor and receive awards.

If you are planning to show your poultry, joining the APA or using their website to check for your breed standards will be a reference guide that you will want to use often.

For more information on joining the American Poultry Association click here

The following books are valuable resources for anyone that owns poultry or wants to learn more about poultry.

The American Standard of Perfections describes in detail standards of all the breeds accepted in the APA. This is the book your poultry judge abides by when judging your poultry.

Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens is a comprehensive book on care, feeding, and raising poultry.

Storey’s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds is a wonderful poultry reference book this is a must own, for anyone showing or considering showing poultry. Includes an array of color photographs of many breeds of chickens, ducks, turkeys, and more. The photographs are splendid depicting the correct color, feather pattern, comb type, etc for more than a 128 breeds.

“The Chicken Health Book” is a common sense book that covers all the ins and outs of raising chickens and caring for an ill bird.




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