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TarBox Next Box Herbs

Dried herbs have been used for hundreds of years in helping people and they not only can help people but they can help poultry too. Dried herbs are beneficial to repel rodents, pests, increase immunity to diseases, kill parasites, boost overall immunity. In addition herbs can provide antibacterial properties, aid in respiratory health, and have a calming effect, therefore a good alternative to modern day medicines. Easy to use, simply scatter in nest and refresh when needed.


Poultry Nest Herbs

Poultry producers around the world are adding these same herbs to water and poultry feeds, for natural prevention of coccidiosis, other diseases and parasites. Dried herbs are concentrated little power houses of nutrients, that offer a ton of good health properties, and a little goes a long way.

TarBox Nest Herbs can be added to chicken nests boxes or to their food. Simply scatter a handful around the nest box or mix in their food. Using herbs is a smart way to support the health of your poultry flock.


TarBox Nest Herbs are a proprietary of blend Herbs to enhance the health of your poultry:

Whole Calendula Flowers natural insect repellent and if eaten it will make yolks more orange
Peppermint repels rodents, (the smell of the herb confuses rodents and they can not detect their enemy), antibacterial properties and calming effect in laying eggs.
Oregano boosts immunity, discourages pests in nest box, antibacterial and known to help prevent coccidiosis naturally
Fennel laying stimulant and calming.
Lemon Balm great smelling, lowers stress, antibacterial, repels rodents.
Rose Petals have antiseptic and antibacterial attributes
Sage good for internal parasites and immune system
Lavender repels pests, calming, antiseptic, laying stimulant, and infuses wonderful scent into your coop
and more…...


Included with each order FREE a sample of TarBox Herbal Poultry Tea (including herbs like chamomile, marjoram, cilantro, rosemary, cinnamon and more.. Herbal tea gives your chickens, a double dose of herbal health benefits, to support a stronger immune system, for a healthier flock.

TarBox Poultry Tea


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