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Dried herbs are beneficial for poultry in repelling rodents, pests, increasing immunity to diseases, killing parasites, boosting immunity, providing antibacterial properties, aiding in respiratory health, and have a calming effect.


Poultry Nest Herbs

Exclusive Offer Receive 8 ounce pkg each of TarBox Next Herbs & TarBox Poultry Tea, receive both for one price.

Dried herbs have been used for hundreds of years in helping people and they not only can help people but they can help poultry too. Keeping poultry healthier naturally, dried herbs are being added to poultry water and feeds around the world, by poultry producers for prevention of coccidiosis, other diseases and parasites.

Pests and diseases cannot build up immunity to herbs, therefore herbs are a good alternative to modern day medicines. Dried herbs are concentrated little power houses of nutrients, that will support a healthier immune system for your poultry, a little goes a long way.

All natural freshly dried herbs, free of pesticides and herbicides.

TarBox Nest Herbs can be added to chicken nests boxes or to their food. Simply scatter a handful around the nest box or mix in their food. The herbs will make your coop smell good and give your hens the opportunity to peck at them while on the nest, offering them many health benefits.

Dried herbs in nest are beneficial to repel rodents, pests, increase immunity to diseases, kill parasites, boost immunity, provide antibacterial properties, aid in respiratory health, and have a calming effect.

TarBox Nest Box Herbs a proprietary herb blend, designed to optimize your poultry’s health:

Lavender repels rodents and is antibacterial, calming, and laying stimulant
Oregano internal parasites, antibiotic, and antiseptic
Peppermint repels pests and rodents, laying stimulant
Lemon Balm antibacterial and repels rodents
Plus more beneficial herbs that will support the health of your poultry

TarBox Tea is an unique blend of herbs designed to be brewed as a Tea Concentrate and added to the drinking water of your poultry.

TarBox Poultry Tea
TarBox Poultry Tea natural health benefits

TarBox Tea includes beneficial herbs with Cinnamon:

Chamomile detoxifier, calming & general health

Oregano anti-coccidian, antibiotic &, antiseptic

Thyme respiratory health & antiseptic,

Cilantro antifungal & antioxidant,

Cinnamon antibacterial & nasal support,

Marjoram egg laying enhancer, plus more herbs for additional immune support….


TarBox Poultry Tea



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