Belgian Bearded Quail d’Anvers are a dutch breed of bantams and known as a true bantam and has no fulls size counterpart. They are a splendid breed to own, American Poultry Association approved, making great birds for 4H projects and exhibition.

Hatching Reviews from  

My blrw hatched today.  Had 11 out of 14.  Very good.  Thank u

The eggs were carefully wrapped and I could tell they were well taken care of.

Eggs received in perfect condition. Super fast shipping! Thanks!

We have baby chicks!!! Of the 12 you, only 7 hatched

Good hatch. 7 of 12. Smooth transaction.

Excellent hatch! 11 of 14 fertile. very satisfied!

Upon candling my eggs I have 11 of 14 developing. Very happy. Thanks again!

Packaged like a pro. Beautiful eggs.

Best seller. Perfect packaging. Beautiful birds. Repeat customer!

Wonderful way to package eggs – Thank you now off to school they go !


Belgian Quail d’Anver hatching eggs 14 Booking Orders for 2022

$60  for 14 eggs includes priority mail shipping. NPIP AI Free
email admin@tarboxhollowpoultry.com to book an order for sping 2022

How it Works:

Another spring is upon us and we have started shipping hatching eggs, most breeds are available.

  • We ship hatching eggs fresh, at 1-3 days old, with priority shipping 2-3 days. Your eggs received will be 7 days old or less, ready for incubation. We do recommend you let them rest for 12 hours before starting incubation.
  • We check them regularly for fertilization.
  • With every dozen shipped we include two extra eggs for the best possible hatch.
  • We do our best to pack them well, for safe delivery, using egg foam packing. 
  • All orders are shipped within 48 hours, if we cannot ship within 3 days of your order placement, we will contact you. If you have a preferred ship date, please let us know we would be happy to work with you.
  • Our flock is fed probiotics, vitamins, electrolytes, apple cider vinegar, oregano, and other essential oils daily, to ensure a healthy flock and chicks. We grind our own feed for quality and freshness.
  • Buying hatching eggs can be risky, due to circumstances, shipping and handling conditions out of our control, we do not offer any guarantees or returns. A rough delivery could possibly render the eggs un-hatchable, but fortunately, this rarely happens. The majority of our shipments turn out well with healthy chicks and happy customers, we continue to grow with many repeat buyers each year. (scroll down for reviews.)

We are NPIP certified and Avian Influenza free

Important Shipping Information

We are shipping only to the Continental USA, sorry we are not shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Internationally.

Please contact us for any additional information. admin@tarboxhollowpoultry.com

Thank You!

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