Cream & Gold Crele Legbar Hatching Eggs Sold Out


  • Hatching Eggs are shipped by the dozen plus two extra for a total of 14 eggs, to cover possible breakage, which is rare. Eggs are shipped in egg shipping foam pointed end down, hatching eggs are shipped fresh at 1-3 days old, price includes USPS priority mail, 1-3 day ship time, and includes $50 insurance.We check fertility regularly to ensure a good hatch. We also ship promptly, if there is a delay we will notify you, with some breeds there may be a wait list. We fill first in orders first.Buying hatching eggs can be risky, due to unforeseen circumstances, shipping, and handling conditions, that are out of our control, we do not offer any guarantees or returns. A rough delivery could possibly render the eggs un-hatchable, but fortunately, this seldom happens.Important Shipping InformationWe are shipping only to the Continental USA, sorry we are not shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Internationally.Please Contact us for any additional information email admin@tarboxhollowpoultry.comThank You!TarBox Hollow PoultryNPIP & Avian Influenza Free

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Amazing Legbars colors of Cream and Golden Crele so unique and beautiful. The lay beautiful large sky-blue eggs. Cream Legbars are rare British breed of chicken originated in the early 20th century by Reginald Crundall Punnett and Michael Pease at the Genetical Institute of Cambridge University. For Cream Legbars they used breeds of Barred Plymouth rock with White Leghorns and later crossed with Araucana adding the crest and the blue egg color. Legbars come in three colors: Gold, Silver, and Cream.

Our Cream Legbar Birds come from strains of IMPORTED BLOODLINES AND JILL REESE lines