Black Copper Maran Chicks

Black Copper Marans – Layers of super dark brown eggs, known to be more resistant to salmonella


Black Copper Maran Chicks Sold Out for 2020

Black Copper Marans are a French Breed layer of super dark chocolate brown eggs. The breed is an easy-going breed, not flighty, a dual purpose, and good layers of dark brown eggs.

French Black Copper Chicks

For orders, requiring shipment Minimum order is 12 chicks and shipping charge is $65 for next day priority express delivery, including heat pack, and insurance. Email to place order.

Please contact to book orders, 50% non refundable deposit required.

 Please contact us to book orders for pick up or shipment, sometimes there will be chicks on hand. 

NPIP Certified & Avian Influenza Tested Clean

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