Mottled Cochin Bantam Hatching Eggs 12+ Includes Delivery NPIP Cert AI Clean



Mottled Cochins

 12 fertilized hatching eggs, plus 2 extra to ensure a good hatch, shipped USPS priority mail, packed in shipping foam for safe delivery. Mottled Cochins have the sweetest personality and nice addition to any flock, they also make great pets and 4H projects for young children. $40 includes 14 hatching eggs and priority service delivery.



Mottled Cochins
Mottled Cochins are a joy to own, they are so friendly and easy-going, great for kids and family. Good layers of medium size bantam eggs and they go broody making great mothers, you can rely on them to be your little incubators. They are very winter hardy, they just went thru a subzero winter, and look how nice they look, not a single one has a frostbit comb and they all stayed healthy, with all the extra feathers they keep plenty warm in the cold of winter. Mottled Cochins are adorable sweet birds that get along well with all other breeds of chickens area great addition to any flock.
We include 2 extra eggs for each dozen shipped to ensure a good hatch of baby chicks. We pack eggs in egg foam for safe delivery, shipping them priority mail with1-3 day delivery.
Sorry, we do not guarantee hatch rates, do to unforeseen handling of eggs in shipment, if they are bounced too hard too much it can unfortnalty render the eggs unhatchable. We do however check our eggs regularly to ensure good hatch rates. We do however have many repeat customers every year and good reviews, (page down).
Booking Orders for Hatching Eggs and chicks for Spring 2020, please contact us for more dates and availability. 
Review 2019
“Great communication. Great products”
“Six beautiful chicks were hatched! Very happy”
“Thanks! Every egg you sent is fertile and developing. A+”
“Arrived two days early! I will be happy if just one hatches. Packaged perfectly”
“Never a more honest seller have I dealt with. This person and I could be friends”
“Very satisfied,no breaks,extra eggs, would buy from seller again”
“Best seller. Perfect packaging. Beautiful birds. Repeat customer!”