Buying Chicks

Buying Chicks

Chicks can be picked up at farm or shipped.


All chicks are one day old, shipped straight run, Priority Express by USPS, 1-2 day ship time, to your post office for pickup.

Shipping fee includes: Insurance*, grogel (nutrient beads with water), and heat pack if necessary for $65. Maximum chicks per box is 20 large fowl or 25 bantams, orders over this size will require additional for shipping to accommodate a larger box.

The minimum order is 10 so they can keep each other warm.

Orders can be mixed and matched with different breeds.

All Chicks Sold Straight Run, price is per chick, and shipping of $65 is additional. 

Large Fowl Chicks (price per chick)

True Ameraucanas

Black & Blue Amerauana $9

White Ameraucana $12

Self-Blue Ameraucana $12


Black Copper Marans $9

BBS Birchen hatching colors of  Blue, Black, & Splash $9

Blue Laced Red Wyandottes $8


Lavender Cuckoo Orpingtons $10

English Black Mottled Orpingtons $10

Lavender Orpingtons $8

Other Large Fowl Breeds

Frisian Gulls lemon & Gold mix $10

Golden Laced Barnvelders $8

Spangled Russian Orloffs bearded and non-bearded mix $8

Cream Legbars $12

Bantam Chicks 

Mille Lafleur d’Uccles $8

Porcelain d’Uccles $9

Black Ameraucana $10

Black Mottled d’uccles $9

Belgain Quail d’Anvers $9

Salmon Favorells Bantam $10

Pre-Ordering Chicks

Minimum order 10 for standard size breeds and minimum order 12 for bantam chicks, no minimum for pickups. Breeds can be mixed per order. Chicks sold as straight run.

Allow 4-6 weeks for shipment*

Contact to be added to a waiting list for spring 2021

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